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Copperpour PCB Solutions is a professional Electronics/PCB Manufacturer based out of New Jersey, USA

Comprehensive design, development and manufacturing capabilities to assist OEMs, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge services to cater for every step of your development cycle

ECAD Design services

Our dedicated team of engineers are standing by to assist with any Planning, Design Specification, Diagramming, Schematic, Layout and Trace Routing, Multi-layer board and Multi-board engineering projects. Experienced engineers equate to production friendly configurations, and factory-ready documentation to save time and costs during manufacturing

PCB Prototyping/Manufacturing

Rapid prototyping and Mass manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce outstanding quality Circuit Boards in FR4, Aluminum, and Flexible. Up to 12 layer stackups, and can do functional testing/programming of boards on the production line for rapid deployment

MCAD Design Services

Our team of mechanical engineers can assist with enclosure design, 3D modeling, product integration and documentation services to add even more value to your entire supply chain

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